Friday, 4 November 2016

You are not Eating Right! Here is How


Food is  any nutritious substance that people or animals eat or drink, or that plants absorb, in order to maintain life and growth. Now many of us knew this definition from the time when we were old enough to go to school. But still there is something as too much or too less food. 

Hold on, am not talking about being obese or being very thin, am talking about taking the food in the required amount. Now, that is something we here in Africa specifically Nigeria don't think of. I say Nigeria because that is where I live and I know the way we react to Food. I myself thought that food meant cooking and eating till your body can take no more.. Then you wake up in the morning do some kind of exercise to keep you fit.. 

Well, this is not how it's suppose to be, many of us do not know that there is such a word like calorie. Some of us know that we need to take fruits and vegetables for the welfare of our system, but we don't know how much is really the right amount to take. 

Calories are a measure of the amount of energy in food. Knowing how many calories are in our food can help us to balance the energy we put into our bodies with the energy we use. That’s the key to a healthy weight and a healthy life.

Different nutritious substances contain different required nutrients for body health, and also the African Man who is used to eating eba and soup most of his life would call his meal a balanced diet, although he is ignorant about how many nutrients his meal contain and if it in the right amount. 

A healthy adult diet contains at least 400 grams of fruit and vegetables per day, for you sugar consumption you shouldn't eat more than 30 grams a day, which is roughly seven sugar cubes. If you are trying to make tea under a low budget, sure you have used more than that, but if you drink coke a lot like me that is more sugar to your system because a can of cola contains as much as nine sugar cubes of added sugar. 

Finally, Starchy carbohydrates should make up just over one third of the food you eat, like potatoes and rice.

I am writing article just hoping that it changes the way you see food, for example the bread we buy have descriptions on them describing the nutrients it contains and in what amount, and also the descriptions on other substances like gala, I know that 90% of us have never thought of how important those descriptions are for a healthy weight.

Yes, we neglect this a lot, we eat and live and only source out for this information when we are ill. Don't forget that prevention is better than the cure. Change your view today, staying healthy is easy and very important.

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Wednesday, 2 November 2016

5 Signs You’re Stressed

Everyone has stress in their lives. In fact, a certain amount of stress isn’t a bad thing, as brief moments of fight or flight reactions cause an increase in adrenaline and heart rate to help you meet deadlines, complete assignments, and move forward quickly to complete everyday tasks.

While short periods of stress can be helpful, prolonged periods of stress can be detrimental to your health.

For many, stress presents itself differently—you may get a headache, be unable to sleep, or experience nausea. Since many people may not even realize these symptoms are caused by stress, they dismiss potentially dangerous patterns that are harmful to their health.

Identifying the physical signs of too much stress is the first step to managing it. If you aren’t sure whether your stress is healthy, read on for some of the most common symptoms of prolonged stress.

Digestion Issues

Excess stress can put a strain on the digestive system and cause an upset stomach, indigestion, heartburn, and more. If you have unexplained diarrhea or constipation, too much stress might be the culprit.

Stress interferes with the way your body processes food—resulting in all sorts of gastrointestinal issues. If you’re not having luck controlling your stomach woes with over-the-counter remedies, consider a center for regenerative medicine, where the doctors and staff use a holistic approach to treat the root cause of what ails you.

Constant Headaches


Do you get frequent headaches? Are you unsure what’s causing them? It may very well be stress.

During prolonged stress, the muscles in your neck, shoulders, and head flex frequently, causing tension and headaches.

A headache only compounds a stressful situation, which can cause this symptom to worsen and often leads to a vicious cycle of pain that repeats itself until you break down or until your stress is relieved.

Lack of Sleep and Insomnia

If you’ve noticed that you’re having trouble falling asleep, staying asleep, or getting restful sleep, you may be stressed.

Stress can disrupt your sleep patterns and lessen the beneficial effects of the sleep that you are getting. If you aren’t getting good, deep, regular sleep, then you aren’t reaping the healing benefits that your body needs on a daily basis.

Stress can also prevent you from sleeping altogether.

If you’re counting problems or worries, instead of sheep, you may find that sleep simply eludes you. Insomnia is frustrating, and no one can function properly without sleep. It’s nearly impossible to be a productive employee, parent, student, volunteer, or even a pleasant human being without consistent sleep.

Heart Rate Issues

A rapid heart beat might be an obvious sign of stress.

Getting your heart going when you’re in a flight-or-fight situation is good. If you see a bear, your heart should beat fast.

However, if you’re experiencing a rapid heart beat while sitting in the office or waiting for the bus—and you’ve already worked with a doctor to rule out any underlying heart problems—you may be stressed. Some slow, deep breathing exercises or meditation should help bring your heartbeat under control. However, if you’re finding that calm breathing and meditation don’t help, you might need to further explore how you’re dealing with stress—or work to lessen your responsibilities and workload.

Frequent Illnesses

When you’re under stress, your body goes through many physical changes, including a suppressed immune system. When you have a cold, your body has to decide what to fight first, the hormones that course through your veins during stress or the bacteria you pick up on a daily basis.

Generally, your body will focus solely on the stress hormones or split its attention, treating neither issue effectively. An illness while under stress also has worse symptoms, and lingers longer, than the illness of a non-stressed individual.

More Signs of Stress

There are several other physical signs of stress that your should be aware of, including:

●    Low energy/fatigue
●    Ringing in the ears
●    Dry mouth
●    Grinding teeth
●    Cold or sweaty hands and feet

If you’re experiencing these individually, you’re probably not experiencing harmful stress, but if two or more of these symptoms occur regularly, you should speak to a doctor about your stress levels.

Managing Stress

Often, people don’t have the option of reducing their stress; they must continue to juggle work, family, and extracurricular responsibilities indefinitely. A key component of managing this unrelieved stress is identifying the signs in the first place.

After you’ve worked with an MD, naturopath, or osteopath to rule out other physical causes for your symptoms, consider what you can do to combat and manage your stress.

This is a Guest Post Written By Carl Turner for

Carl Turner is a life coach and a freelance health writer from Los Angeles, California. Combining his expertise for mentoring his clients with his passion for writing, he enjoys providing insider knowledge on how to combat stress and lead a healthy lifestyle. During his free time, he enjoys publishing informative articles on media outlets around the world.

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

What do you do after you touch and smell your feet

How to get rid of smelling feet, is something you might have searched for on google, when it might just be that you have poor feet hygiene and also your footwear is also involved.

But I are not going to talk about that,

I will talk about what you do immediately after you rub your toes,

Many of us do this...

We rub in between the feet with our fingers, and clean the black stuff on the toes and bring it up to our nose,

"Phew! it smells" you say

You rub your hands on the chair or on the wall or whichever surface is closet to you and then you sit back and continue with what you were doing before you attention shifted to your feet.

Wow... very unhygienic...

I am so interested in why your feet is smelling as I am in your unhygienic habits...

Remember that being hygienic does not only save you cash but keeps you one step ahead in case of a disease outbreak.

For example


Remember that some people recovered from Ebola while thousands didn't, being hygienic prepares you for times like this, as it steps up your immune system, so you are less likely to fall victim of an disease.. If you have read the article on Health and intelligence you will perfectly understand this point.. 
In fact you can read the article right her Did You Know: Caring About Your Health Makes You More Intelligent
So remember to wash your hands in running water only

Here is Why: Why You Should Wash Your Hands Only In Running Water

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Monday, 31 October 2016

One Secret Benefit of Exercise No One Told You About


Great exercises to get rid of belly fat, great exercises to help you lose weight, great exercises to help you keep fit, yea, yea we have all heard this but yet many of us, especially the ladies don't exercise. (guys are always there to get the abs you know)

If you read the article I wrote about what I do every morning and why I do it

Read the Article Here: What I Do Every Morning and Why I do It

You will notice that I talked about exercising and its importance for me and my well being

But Ladies and Gents if that didn't get you heated up for an exercise session then this will

Exercise is practically good for your sex life


Wait? ...............What?.......... How?

You heard right, if you are thinking of spicing up things in the bedroom then you should rethink ditching your gym.

First of all 

Longer Bedroom Love and Better Orgasms
For those men who are searching for how to last longer in bed and those ladies who want to have stronger orgasms (who doesn't?), Kegel exercises is a sure way to get this going, now you didn't hear me say kegel drugs or kegel tea ...

I said KEGEL EXERCISES, these exercises can help you get what I mentioned above for male and females and you know what, it is all natural, artificial flavours involved (lol)

Adventurous Positions

Want to go beyond in intimacy and experience more than the everyday sex positions?

Yea, and It gives great orgasms

But one thing you should know that if you don't have a flexible body (which exercise can give to you without you spending a dime) you shouldn't be trying these awesome positions... as you can seriously hurt yourself from cramps to twisted body parts and others you wouldn't really enjoy in the bedroom.

Oh my you are missing in the bedroom if you haven't gone beyond the everyday positions.

So are you ready to get this delicious benefit? Simple all you have to do is one thing.

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If you are saying that you are one of those people who are too lazy to exercise, or that you might faint or fall ill due to exercise.. Then click the link below to read an article which will help you on that.. 

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Saturday, 29 October 2016

This is Why I bathe at Least Twice Daily

How many times did you bathe today

only in the morning

C'mon go and bathe before you come to eat..

This is a conversation between me and my mum many years ago, and until now, I only took my bathe at least twice daily because of body odour and because my mom said so.


I have grown, not only physically but mentally, I no longer do things because what I have heard or because that is what I am told to do but because I completely (not by half) understand what I am doing..

So you might be bathing just to reduce body odour or just to keep clean but know this.

1. I bathe to reduce the amount of bacteria on my skin

It is one of the reasons I wash my hands after touching anything (literally).

Do you know right now the amount of bacteria that have attached themselves to your skin, the ones you tranferred from your hands unto your body and the one you got from touching surfaces with your body..

Sure you don't

Well, that is why I bathe to tell them I am a No Go area for infections

And there is more.

It is a sure way to reduce body odour, body odour comes after we sweat and it is generally the bacteria on our body that causes our sweat to smell

Just Read More on That Here: Here is Why Your Sweat Smells

2. It pays to stay clean

I shared an article something earlier talking about the Most Direst Part of our body

Read Article here: The Most Dangerous and Dirtest Part of Our Body

To some of us it is like a responsiblity going to bathe, I mean why do I have to bathe like 4 times a day, when I barely smell,

Well you don't need to smell before you bathe, bathing might actually be a sure way to reduce health costs as it not only save your time and money when you have to go to the doctors for problems relating to skin disorders or stomach disorders.

You are actaully just helping yourself.

Read Article: Why You Should Wash Your Hands Before Anything

3.I love to Smell Myself

Remember that fresh scent you have when you are just stepping out of the bathroom... Oh I love that scent, and that is how I look forward to smelling like everyday..

Also, I don't fancy perfumes, (allergies, some even make me cry)

4.It keeps the Heat Off

During the heat rather than turning the generator on and taking a cool breeze from the fan, I do better

I take a bath..

It makes me calm down, refreshes my brain and re-hydrates me, which is something the fan does not do...

and that's it..

Wait.. .there is more ....

There is something I see in girls (mostly girls) that I like to voice out, I once worked in a cafe near a mixed hostel and the bathroom is close to where I work..

The girls there change their clothes more than they clean themselves... Ladies it is not because you sweat less (which accounts for why most of you barely have body odour) that's why you should neglect the amount of bacteria that may have followed you home from your day activities.. 

So keep clean and keep healthy.

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Friday, 28 October 2016

What Phones Do To You That You Don't Know


Technology is a marvel, no one can argue that, but that doesn't mean you should completely ignore the side effects of technological advancements, especially coming from the one we love to use everyday... 


You might have heard so much about phones, I have even have two articles which do not regard phones in the best manner.. 

Read Those Articles  

Phones and Their Dangers

But right now there is more, something you must understand, something you must share with others, something you should never know alone.. 

As shared by a friend:

In one of our training sessions,my mentor collected a Nokia torch hand set with fully charged battery. 

He brought a fresh egg. Then he puts the egg and the handset together and place them into a polythene bag. He tied the bag and told us to call the phone number..... Calling....calling.. ..busy.. busy.

When the battery is drained down, he gave the phone to the owner and cracked the egg.

Behold the egg was cooked!!.. done!!!. 


We were surprised and asked for the explanation. He told us that every handset emits electromagnetic rays. That it was the rays that was responsible for cooking of that egg. He also said that for device to be named " hand set " by international bodies is not by accident.

He said that it is never a pocket set. He went on to say that males (men) have egg resemblance in between their legs...scrotum. He admonished men to stop putting their hand set in their pockets, but to hold on hand. 

If you continue to put set in your pocket, the radiation from it will denature your spermatozoa and cook your scrotum . 


That is why our men will marry 2 to 3 years no Issues. They begin to blame their wife (although this is mainly African behaviour) . They will visit Pastors for fasting and prayers. God will answer them and reverse the condition, but coming out of the church, they put back the handset in their pockets and continued to denature their sperm and cook their scrotum again.

Communication Masts


Before a communication mast is mounted in your property, you will be paid between 10 to 20 million naira (about $50,000) as long as you sign a document the network provider gives you. People don't even read the document. Only sign and collect the pay. 


The document reads in part within the middle 

we are giving you this money to buy land in another place and relocate, because what we are about to mount here is dangerous to your health.  If you continue to stay there in about 10 to 15 years period, you and others living there will be suffering from one cancer case to the other.

Please guys, don't be putting handset in your pockets. Inform your friends and relatives about the dangers. Ladies inform your brothers, male friends and relatives the same.

By putting sets in your pocket or inside bra can cause prostrate and breast cancer respectively.

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to discuss a little on one of the burning health issues.

Although this words are very easy to believe it was run upon by in We can all agree that.

Putting your smart so close to your scrotum (some certain brands/models actually get very hot) is definitely not advisable


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Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Health Benefits of Eating Slowly You Never Knew

Yes, you do know the benefits of eating right, I mean without food we would die right? or get thin to the bones making us inefficient, or get so fat that we become ineffective. 

But here is something else.. 

You are actually not reaping the full benefits i.e allowing your body to completely make use of the food if you chew so fast.. 

If you are one of those who normally say that you barely have time to, that you are in a rush to feed, well it will be of great benefit to you if you eat slowly and gain more in health and wealth rather then eat so fast and gain so less..

Again my post is supported by Research and Scientists, according to a new article in the Journal Obesity shows that mindful eating can help weight loss and also improve glucose levels and heart health.

Now what is mindful eating?


Have you ever licked ice-cream so fast, I believe you haven't, because you take your time to savour its flavours and get the feeling of it. Now, that is mindful licking.

Too often we rush our food, and this does not give us the complete benefits as I said above.

Supporting my view is Carey Peters, co-founder of the San Francisco-based Health Coach Institute who preached the benefit of chewing slowly.

When I first learned about this, I thought it was completely silly," she said. but there's a science behind eating slowly.

She also explained how eating so fast causes you to gain more weight without you even knowing it.

When you eat too quickly, you don't give your brain enough time to fully acknowledge feeling satisfied, or take in the pleasure, she said So if you're biting down your lunch in lets say 3 minutes, you are not realizing that you are satisfied or already full,

More Articles

Well, situations can cause us to quick chomp down our food, like getting prepared for school or work. But we eat for our Health and survival..

So next time savour your food, take it in slowly, take sometime time to chomp it down, feel the taste, feel yourself swallow it and enjoy it.

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Monday, 24 October 2016

I Felt So Stressed Today! Then I did This


Today, was not an easy day for me... there was a lot of stress at work, after picking up myself and making my way home, I had to return home to face a barrage of work..

It was like my day was planning to cause a strain on my mental health.. I was beginning to think differently, think about everything, the stress, the work and I wasn't able to concentrate.

Looking around at the just cleaned house, which has worked some calories (energy) out of me, and then my stressed up self, it was like today wasn't my day.

If you have gone through this you will know what I am talking about, after being stressed out at work, you might come back home to a no food situation and you have to cook, or you might come back to no power (light) situation and you don't have the energy to turn on the generator or the tolerance to bear the noise of the generator.

You might say I should take a pillow and go to sleep and I will wake up better and fine.. or I should just get some food, maybe hunger has been registered in my brain that is why I am feeling this way..

Or maybe that was what you did!

But here is what I did



If you love watching action movies you should know this trick, I saw it and picked it up and found it to be very relaxing... It was from Season 3 of the Movie Arrow.

I sat down on my bed, and crossed my legs, placed my hands on the side of my knees, closed my eyes, and then.....

I inhaled through my nose and out through my mouth, continuously, normally I do this while keeping my mind blank, but if you feel so stressed, you can just concentrate on the positive things that happened that day or any positive thing you can think of..

This is one of the ways I reduce stress and keep myself mentally healthy.

Remember to relax, take a breather, worrying wouldn't take that stress/problems away, but clearing up the emotions will give you a better chance at thinking to how to create a solution to the problem bothering you..

Stay Healthy, Stay Wise

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Do You Know How Healthy You Are Eating?


I am sure most of you just finished breakfast, which may be warmed leftovers from yesterday or freshly cooked food...

Whichever it is... today I am going to be discussing about food, but I am not going to be talking about food in detail.. that is like talking about nutrients and calories and other stuff, but I am going to talk about the process of preparing food...

I mean you cannot be talking about taking enough nutrients when you might just be taking those nutrients with so many germs due to your unhygienic ways..

So what am I talking about here?

I am talking about the way we prepare our food, the things we do, before, during and after cooking, is the food still healthy for eating after cooking it...

For better understanding on this lets get down to some unhygienic things we do while preparing food...

We already know how important it is to wash the hands before cooking, if you don't know this in detail, which many of us don't just follow the articles below

Read Here:

The Most Dangerous and Dirtiest Part of Your Body

So other than that, here are some things you do in the kitchen which makes this question worth asking

Clean Your Head from sweat

Yes temperatures get high in the kitchen, and you sweat, and then you just decide to do a quick wipe with your hand, and return back to cooking..

I have seen this a lot and it is thoroughly unhygienic, as there are a lot of bacteria on your skin, which you may have just transferred to your fingers and unto your food.

Read This:

Here is Why Your Sweat Smell

Taking a Break

I believe most of the germs comes from here, when things become too hot in the kitchen or when we decide to give the foodstuffs sometime to boil, we take a break to go watch some tv, or do something else.

Your hands get in contact with surfaces, transferring germs and when you return to the kitchen, you just open the pot and continue with your cooking.

Instead of doing this we should first re-wash our hands to reduce the amount germs we have come in contact with on our break, to help us eat a completely healthy food.

Completely Unhygienic Habits We do once in a while

Sneezing: Sneezing into a corner and continue cooking, seriously, do you know how many germs you just released from your nose and worse you released them into the air and into the kitchen and not very far from what you are cooking.

Nose Picking: I have said severally that this should be cut off from our list of bad habits, but once in a while, it seems to take a hold on us... but it should be completely let off in the kitchen..

Cough: Just like sneezing this should be avoided near the food, when you are cooking meals.

Bathroom Breaks: I might have left this one out, but the fact that most still forget to wash our hands after using the bathroom, still leaves this one hanging as a bad habit we should avoid..

Scratching: Your head, hair or any part of your body near foodstuff or the pot can actually send germs flying into your food, please keep a distance when scratching to keep your meal as healthy as possible.


We should try as much as possible to practice hygienic habits to make sure we are eating nourishing meals and germ packed meals.. As for sneezing, if you are unable to hold it, at least have a towel handy and always wash your hands after that...


Don't go anywhere, I will be sharing an article which talks about the nutrients in food we are eating, and how healthy is it for us, this will help a lot for those who get sick easily, or those who want to reduce belly fat, or for those who want to just do what I do (i.e. eating just to stay fit).

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Saturday, 22 October 2016

Dear Readers! Why Do you Exercise Mostly on Saturdays


Yes, many of us do this, you exercise mostly on Saturdays, you only get the strength on this day to move your body to a healthy rhythm, and wait for the coming weekend where ypu return to your unhygienic ways.

Dear Readers! Why do you Exercise mostly on Saturdays?

By now you are wondering what I mean by exercise mostly on Saturdays, well I mean for those of us who attend parties (weddings, birthdays, clubs), when you shake your body to the rhythm of the music..I call that exercising.

When you move your waist, and shake off some calories, when you move your body, making yourself more flexible just to the beat of some tunes.

And during the week you tell me you are too lazy to exercise?

Far from it!

Or are you telling me that you don't dance, you want to tell me that you don't tap your feet on the ground or that you don't follow Olamide's shakiti Bobo or Kiss Daniel's Mama or Calvin Harris' My Way  or even on Sunday's that you don't follow the rhyme of religious tunes, you don't whine, shake, bend, twist your waist effortlessly to the those tunes..

Ah I can see you smiling!

So in the end you are not so lazy to exercise, because exercise is all about keeping fit which includes losing excess calories (which is what dancing does)...

So Dear Reader, why do you exercise mostly on Saturdays, is a jog too hard, is some pull ups or crunches or even skipping or even jumping too hard when you do that every Saturday or even on Sunday.

Remember exercising is for your benefit it keeps you healthy, (Remember that having a flat stomach doesn't mean you are healthy, it might mean that you are underfeeding and even though you are not feeling anything now, some months, years from now will show)..

So you see, it is so easy and so beneficial to exercise, if you are interested in moving to your body to a healthy rhythm, not just because you love the music but because you know the countless benefits can give to you.

I exercise as much as I can, (ranging from weightlifting to some little yoga, meditation and so on)

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Remember Stay Healthy, Stay Wise

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Friday, 21 October 2016

Did You Know: Caring About Your Health Makes You More Intelligent


You think you care about your health, right, well think again,


You are one of those people who only visit health websites when you are sick, or just feel like or when you want to inquire about something for a friend.

You might be one of those people who just fell stomach pain, and say it might be because I didn't sit well, then you stumble upon the answers in a website and; 

ah this makes sense" you say

And that's it, no more inquiry, no more in depth research and months later you forget and fall into other problems.

Caring about your health is understanding your health, and if you do so you will barely pick your nose, chew your fingernails, sneeze into the air or on your hand or eat anything without washing your hands.

So How does Caring about (a.k.a understanding) your health make your more intelligent. 

How does doing things because I understand them not because I think so make me more intelligent.. 

How does brushing my mouth before bed to prevent food particles which invite bacteria into mouth from causing me oral problems make me more intelligent.

Well, here goes

You will have a free mind

Caring about your health makes you more interesting in things that could boost your immune system reduce stress levels and relax your mind.

This gives you time to think, focus and react. and we all know those who think before they talk are wise huh!

Academic Boost

Staying all night reading and in the end just to get a manageable degree. And you sit down wondering how Bill Gates, Mark Zuckeberg or even your friends do it... 

Let Health give you a boost an intelligence boost with its very promising nutrients through health foods e.g fish which gives brain power


More Alert and Agile:

With a sharp brain, you have a sharp body, leading to a whole complete intelligent being, I mean it wouldn't be complete if you were just a mass of fat who knows how to meditate and keep his head a straight. 

How could you make intelligent physical decisions? 

According to a research published on Business Insider, which concludes that; 

Obese people are generally seen as less productive, more prone to interpersonal problems, lazy, and less intelligent than their thinner counterparts.  

One Step Ahead of Others

Intelligent people are always one step ahead of their competition or people around them, that is why they are so influential and sought out for, and caring about your health can do this for you..

Remember the Ebola Outbreak,
So  many died, but did you know that those with strong, healthy immune systems had a high chance of survival and most of those who survived were with such immune systems.

They were one step ahead and when it came they were protected.. I call that intelligence..

Less Worries

Everyone has worries, either it is about a partner, friend, family relative or finances, even the Kardashians do have worries.

With an upgraded mind (better thinking or perception) and healthy body we can eliminate worries, concentrate on our problems instead and get solutions more easily..

Because caring (understanding) about your health makes you exposes to meditation tips, self improvement tips, and so many other mind comforting tips.. Now wouldn't you want that.

Rather than doing things because any website or because of your doctor, do it because of your doctor and because you completely understand it. 

You might not be able to completely understand you body (but that is why we have doctors) but you can completely understand what happens around you and in you.

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Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Here are the 5 Reasons Why I Eat Fruits


Fruits are succulent , juicy and very beneficial in so many way. I just love to crunch, suck, lick or just chew their deliciousness into my every inviting mouth and send them down my digestive system to do justice to and release their nutrients into my body.

But wait.. There is more..........

I don't just like to eat fruit because it is juicy, sweet or succulent or just because it is in season, like most of us do, I have many other reasons why I eat fruit and I hope to enlighten you on the benefits of eating fruits (Note: You might have just found the fountain of youth).

Eating fruits is more than just for just because it is sweet or just because a website or your doctor says so, for me it is because I understand the benefits.

Eating food for the juiciness alone and because of doctors and websites, is like eating rice only because you like rice, or because it is a type of food and not because it contains carbohydrates which give energy we require for work..


Have you been eating rice for any other reason than the nutrients it provides?

You need to improve on that... I will be sharing an article on food and what it entails soon, so you can just subscribe, below so that you wouldn't miss the article.

So here are the 5 reasons why I eat fruits.

But before we get down to that you must know this:

Consuming too much fruits its actually not good for you health as fruits contain a sugar known as fructose which will have a dire impact on your health (you see the difference between understanding something and just reading and believing).


Okay so here they are:

1. It is how I say Bye Bye and No No to Infections

Yes, I eat fruits just to prevent infection, my body gets a boost of nutrition just from taking fruits, remember the saying

An apple a day keep the doctor away

Well, I don't joke with that, Bacteria is everywhere, and I got to step up my game (immune system). So I don't wait for season to define my intake of fruits, I calculate the nutrients...

They are like a power packed nutritious strongman, with the combination of nutrients such as powerful flavonoids, antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, phytochemicals and the countless micro- and macronutrients which are very advantageous for my health. 

2. Because Natural Vitamin C is the Best

You might have heard of vitamin C and also you might have taken the one in tablet (medicine).. But I prefer the ones that comes from fruits, nature is quite easier to preserve than medicines and not all pharmacies are 100% clean, so give me Vitamin C from a fruit everyday.

3. Fruits can do so much more

It's not just only about fighting infections and being safer than medicines which can be found in the pharmacy, it is also about boosting energy, boosting my immune system and also improve my eyesight, (I take carrots for the eye sight part and if you do you should know this).

4. And Much More

Fruits help me stay healthy by cutting my chances of having heat stroke, high blood pressure (although you have to slow down on intake to make this one possible), cancer, heart diseases and diabetes, while promoting a healthy skin by fighting skin disorders and healthy hair growth..

5. Because Prevention is Better than Treatment

Buying and eating fruits is much more cheaper, than curing a disease and staying in hospital for weeks, there are some things I can prevent like I said above in No. 3 and 4. and I love to save my money. Thank you.

So why do you eat fruits or why will you start eating fruit. 

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Stay Healthy, Stay Wise

Monday, 17 October 2016

9 things you must know before you start your week

Its a new week, seriously I wish resting weekends were more than just Saturdays and Sundays...

Did you just agree with that? If you did then you should seriously memorize this article

You already have plans, how this week will go and what you hope you gain, what you hope to drop and so much more..

But this week should be more promising than the last right? and this is how you are going to do it

By following this simple directive you can get more out of your week 

Okay, Here are 9 things you must know before you start your week

1. You are not going to do everything all over again 

Like seriously, this almost always happens to me, whether it is to break a bad habit or to gain something..

I just flip up and do the same thing all over again for the following week..


For you it might be being stressed out at work, inability to fulfill promises, break bad habits or wasteful spending, whatever it is this week is going to be different from the others because you are going to take a pen and paper and plan your week carefully,

Your spending, and profit, everything, will be in a step by step plan

As for being stressed out at work Read this article below on meditation

What Meditation Can Do for You That You Show Know

This week will be different because you will sit and plan rather than what you did last week.

2. You are going to exercise

Seriously many of us don't know our own strengths, some say they are too lazy to exercise and that may just be the reason why you are easily stressed out..


This week you are going to set an exercise plan, maybe you are doing so for weight control, weight loss, or just to stay fit, the thing is that you are going to stop telling yourself that you are lazy or that you will fall ill due to exercise, but that you will stay strong and carefully collect all the benefits of exercise which are normally yours.

3. You are going to eat healthy

I am sure that last week you cooked one of your favorite meals, you love the taste, the way it takes a little amount of effort to cook, or maybe you just eat because someone else is cooking..

This week you are trying something different, you are going to eat and cook because you know what you are eating contains enough nutrients (proteins, carbohydrates, minerals etc) to give you energy, growth and help you perform your activities adequately..

You are going to eat fish not because it is so tasty, but because it is brain food and help you think better...

So first you are going to get an education on what nutrients certain food stuffs contain and how you can take all those nutrients into yourself for your benefit.

4. You are going to break some bad habits

We can't do everything in a minute and so we can't break all habits at once, so this week you will list, where you will write down all your bad habits (like, chewing nails, late night browsing, sleeping beside your phone, watching late night television nose picking, refusal to exercise etc) starting with the most embarrassing to the least and we are going to take down as many as possible this week and leave the rest for the next week and so on

5.You are going to Inspire People

What is life without you sitting and knowing you are responsible for the progress and knowledge of others

What is life without you seeing people looking at you to inspire them, So this week isn't going to be like last week.

You are going to be more than just an island, or more than just a friend to that friend, you are going to be something more.

6. You are going to achieve all you plan to achieve

Ever felt like you have worked too hard and decide to push it to the next day, well that is not what you are going to do this week..
Things you can do today are better done today than tomorrow to avoid any unexpected distractions

We can't control time/events, so we have to do well with what is in our control, so whatever that is, you can actually finish it today, if you say you want to ..

That is how much power you have, you have a brain to control your body, so if you are feeling tired and say no I can do this today, your brain sends signals to your body and they become alert, but if you succumb then gbam your body just went from tired to completely weak.

So stop giving on and stop pushing it further do it now, because you can.
7. You are going to get more Inspiration/Motivation

Remember I said that you are going to motivate people for this week, well you are also going to motivate yourself to go for your dreams


Because if you don't go for your dreams, people will employ you to work for them to achieve theirs, so if you are getting a little low on the motivation gauge, there is something you can do about that,

Stop thinking about the negativity around, and start focusing on the positive things in you, head for your dreams, using your skills and abilities rather than sitting in an office working for a company which is after its dreams.

8. You are going to get more out of this week / life

Seriously, you can do all that above if you have not planned to get more out of this week, if you have not planned to do so much more.

So you say to yourself that you are going to get more out of this week, more than you have ever done, and simply that's it.

We first need the faith before we can do the work.

9. You are going to Subscribe to Newsphases Newsletter

What is reading all this and still refusing to subscribe by mail below..

Want to get more out of your week and I tell you that you can get so much more by practically having the latest on health, self improvement, lifestyle, fitness in your mail from


Saturday, 15 October 2016

3 Parts of Your Body You Always Forget to Wash


Good Morning ...

If you are just getting out of bed, that's good, if you are just getting out of the bathroom go back in...

I am going to talk about the 3 parts, locations (you can call it destinations if you like it) that we normally don't bathe...

You might think you are scrubbing and keeping clean, but these places are filled with germs and bacteria which can actually cause you series of unauthorized problems..

Okay remember to remain in the bathroom if you were just leaving there.

Here are the three parts of your body you forget to wash..

Behind Your Ears

Ladies, ladies ladies, and for those of you that are wearing hair that does not belong to you (well you bought it so, it can actually be yours).

But my point is, ladies who normally wear wigs and all sorts of hair extensions, have never touched this area since they always cover their hair during a bath.

As for this guys, many of you barely know that this place exist..

Now take a finger with a long fingernail, place it behind your ear and scrub down, now look at your finger, what do you see,

If you see some black substance on your finger then you need to start being more hygienic.


If you haven't heard the navel is a sweet spot for pleasure, but actually how can you place your lips or hands on someplace filled with germs,

This is so because many guys and maybe girls barely scrub their navel area which tends to accumulate dirt and germs.

If you are one of them who normally forget to scrub your navel area, learn this for a change..

and finally this part of the body which is so visible to everyone and so many of us forget to scrub it, well ladies are vindicated from this one, because their makeup normally cleans this place for them...

Beside the Nostrils

There is the bridge of the nose, and there is the nostrils and then there is beside the nostrils.

Go to your mirror and look beside your nostrils, if you see some whitish stuff, or any thing other than normal then you have to be more hygienic. 

Health is Wealth, while Health information is priceless, remember to bookmark us or subscribe for more health information.

Stay Healthy, Stay Wise

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Friday, 14 October 2016

What I Do Every Morning and Why I do It

I woke up this morning...checked the time.... looked at my face in the mirror and my eyes to know what up with those high class camera... I exercised ... did all necessary home cleaning.. brushed my teeth... had my bath...

Ate some proteins as breakfast, wore my clothes and straight to work...

Lets Break Down Why I do all these things, because the reason you do the things you do is what makes you different and almost perfect..


Checked the time..

Sleeping for long is not something I fancy, but really, sleeping too long will cause eating disorders, as you will be likely to eat more, due to such sleep methods, for me who check how fit I am most times.. I don't need any extra weight or lose my flexibility due to accumulation of fat.


Look at my face in the Mirror. and My Eyes

I heard its apollo season, (Conjunctivitis or Pink Eye) and I am feeling a bit of pain at my eyelashes so it's just to check whatsup... same goes for checking my eyes and also I check my eyes to see if they are red or white.. Red means I seriously didn't sleep well.


I Exercised...

I already have the six packs and muscles, so I exercise to keep fit, to keep my muscles flexible and not just muscly and hardly movable, exercise helps to keep me alert, sharper and that is what I want...

Also exercises make you better at sex, there are some sex positions you will never dare if you are too lazy to exercise .....and here a secret..... those positions are a bomb.


Home Cleaning..

A dirty home, does not defines me, the billions of germs that live in an unkempt home can kill you, cause you stomach problems as they are transferred from our hands into our body and also keeping your home clean is also a show of kindness to your neighbours..


If yo have a dirty home filled with rats and cockroaches, one day they will migrate to your neighbour's house and cause him problems.

Brushed my Teeth

I brush my teeth for many reasons and not just to keep a clean mouth to prevent mouth odour, but to keep a clean mouth free from bacteria which causes mouth odour, tooth decay, tooth sensitivity and other series of oral problems which may lead to other forms of bodily harm..

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Have my Bath

I bathe to keep myself clean like most of us do... I also bathe to reduce the amount of bacteria on my skin and its this bacteria that cause body odour and not sweat itself...

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Why you should be careful when bathing yourself or a child 

Ate Proteins for Breakfast

I don't believe in skipping breakfast, although I have done it, to escape debiting my salary due to lateness.

Proteins are known as body building foods and that is what you need to start your day, energy and a built mind and body.. So instead of going on an empty stomach, build your body for the day and you will live longer, healthier and as handsome as I look..

Wore My Clothes..

Because I can't walk naked to work... lol

Went to Work

Every man needs some sort of occupation to start up with before he moves up to his dreams.. and I am no different..

So what do you do every morning and why do you do them?..

Stay Healthy, Stay Wise

Thursday, 13 October 2016

No Bra Day! What It Really Means


Today there is a National Celebration, actually its an awareness campaign, but the title seems to say  otherwise.. 

Its No Bra day ..

Please ladies keep your bras on, it is an awareness campaign and not an excuse for you to show more cleavage, it is something more serious and something many women are ignoring..

It is a Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign.

Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women worldwide, with nearly 1.7 million new cases diagnosed in 2012. Statistics estimate that worldwide over 508 000 women died in 2011 due to breast cancer.

There are so many estimates and fore telling, and they are not good, all point at increasing chances of women worldwide getting cancer.

But Why is This Cancer so Deadly

Here is What the Doctor in the House had to Say

“Breast cancer is not fatal in and of itself,  What makes it fatal is if it goes into other parts of the body and gets into the lymph nodes, lungs and other organs,  Also if it gets into the blood or the bones, it can kill a person. That's the risk of metastasized cancer".

So now we understand how deadly and serious this is, I am sure you are looking for preventive measure and more information on this disease.


Read No Further. Follow links below to get enlighten 

If you want to know more than just about breast cancer then follow this one